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Fast and Affordable Personal Shopping And Closet Services For The Everyday Woman In The Philadelphia, PA Surrounding Area Including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland


“Working with Gina was a breeze and a pleasure. The practical outcome? New pieces for my wardrobe that expand my options and make me feel and look confident, polished, and effortlessly stylish. She didn’t try to “fix” me or curate my look; rather, she listened to and trusted me. That is to say, I know what I like, mostly, but a very specific occasion had stumped me: “Elegant Casual” for a Mediterranean cruise. Having never been on a cruise and having never encountered the phrase “elegant casual,” I didn’t have a clue. But she did. After meeting with me to survey my wardrobe, she invited me to join her at a few clothiers, bringing me into dressing rooms she had stocked with an opening salvo of choice garments. She put me through my what-do-you-think paces. Many, many garments went on and off again. She would disappear for a few minutes only to return with even better stuff, tweaking fit, brand, color, pattern. She found gems, and we made them work. She never tried to coax me into anything particular; she never gave even a subtle “really?” All so easy and fun and supportive. I’m easily exhausted by shopping, but 3 hours later, we were still going strong. She was patient, steady, full of ideas, always ready with something new-and-improved. In the end: two pairs of shoes, two pairs of pants—which I will wear forever—a light linen suit coat, four beautiful shirts. And she applied her own discounts at the registers! I spent, I saved, I am set!”

John Muse - Bryn Mawr, PA

“After trying on the clothes Gina picked out for me I was amazed at how spot on she was. From my style to my sizes-I kept 99% of what she picked out for me. She saved me countless hours which is invaluable to me! I will definitely be using her again and recommend her to anyone and everyone”

Pattie Robinson - Belle Mead, NJ

"I have worked with Gina twice now, and both experiences have been exceptional. She listens to me and works within my personal vision, but both times she has also given me new views on outfits that I would have never picked before on my own. Each time the results have been a joy. I am so glad I found her and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future!"

Michael Sherlock - Philadelphia, PA

"Gina knows her stuff! This was a new experience for me and I was thrilled that someone else was choosing outfits for me. Once she knew what I was looking for, she ran in and out of the dressing room for me. And she knew the employees at each store that we visited! They told me that they loved Gina. Thanks very much, Gina"

Bunny Rebane - Wayne, PA

"I appreciated the option of having Gina come to my house to see my current style and help me think through what I wanted out of our shopping trip. It's not easy to find clothes that fit my petite frame, but thanks to Gina's persistence and amazing knowledge of stores and brands I now have some essential and fun updated pieces. Even when I lost track of what I needed in another size or color, she had it all under control."

Holly Bohart - Ellicott City, MD

"I could not be more pleased with Gina's services. She is very kind, respectful and professional. She came to my home, and spent a lot of time asking questions about what types of clothes I liked, what I needed and wanted, what styles, and colors I thought worked for me, and what price range I was looking to purchase from. Based on only a couple of hours together, she then picked out an array of clothes that I'm not sure I would have picked out on my own. But I cannot quantify how many compliments I have gotten on every single piece she picked out for me. She helped me months ago, and even today, the compliments are still coming! And I could not be happier with the prices, which was really important to me because I don't make a ton of money. She saved me hundreds of dollars. And put in hours of time with me at the mall. I am so happy I found her! I'm already thinking of the next time I will be able to utilize her services!"

Randi Fensterer - Brookhaven, PA

"I am a hopeless case and hate shopping. Gina made it painless and fruitful. I now have some clothes to wear that aren't old fashioned, yet don't make me look like mutton dressed as lamb. It was a pleasurable experience, and I will repeat it."

Kate Hanna - Weehawken, NJ

“I hired Gina to completely clean out and organize my closet as well as a shopping trip. She came over and made cleaning out my closet actually fun and seem easy! By the time she left my house for the day, I was looking forward to our shopping trip! I am petite, and it is hard for me to find clothes that is in my price range, style, and fits me well. Gina made sure she was able to get me items that worked with all of my needs. She is worth every penny!”

Samantha Gilbert - Wilmington, DE

"Gina was no less than amazing! I was in a tough spot before my summer wedding, being a business owner and a new mom I had little to no time to shop for the most difficult clothing item around- little WHITE dresses! With my bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, son’s christening and rehearsal dinner all quickly approaching I had tried everywhere in Center City Philadelphia, from Barney’s to ASOS online and found nothing! I finally was going to settle on some boring tea length number for my Bridal shower and figure the rest out later when I reached out to Gina and let the PROFESSIONALS take over. After only a brief conversation about my personal likes she took the reins and showed up with over 21 dresses. All white, all in my size, and most importantly all in my STYLE. I was so pleasantly stunned! Not only did she help me find my bridal shower gown, but I was able to pick a dress for EACH of the important events coming up- and with some to spare! Gina is amazing, she really takes the time to understand her clients and what their style is, what their vision is and most importantly what will look good on their actual body. I can’t thank her enough!!!!"

Ashley Zervalis - Philadelphia, PA

"Gina provides her services in such a kind and sweet manner. I know it must be hard working with so many different personalities and she never let my individuality rattle her in any way!! I am so thankful for the time she spent helping to clean-out my closet and give me a fresh start with our shopping spree! I am thrilled with all my new clothes!"

Leslie Reiss - Oxford, PA

"Gina is excellent! She understands my style! At a local department store, in just a few minutes, Gina sourced a few great finds for a social event. She is professional, easy to work with, and understands her client - what looks best, defining their personal look." 

Diana Lembo - Gulph Mills, PA

"I can't say enough positive things about Gina. She has helped me not only with fashion, but with getting rid of items I no longer wanted and helped me sell them. Her calm, patient, laid back demeanor as well as being fast paced when necessary, and of course, always, completely honest, shows her hard work and determination that instantly won me over and kept me as a client. I greatly appreciate her natural talent, patience, and such unique sense of style!"

Megan Mangiamele - Jenkintown, PA

"Gina is simply incredible! Not only is her attention to detail exceptional, she also paid extra special attention to my specific needs, is super organized, and totally fun. Being petite, I have a hard time finding clothes with the right fit, but she ensured me that we would find some great pieces to get my wardrobe fabulous in no time. And she sure delivered! Not to mention she is priced very reasonably for such an amazing service. I am beyond delighted with Gina and had such a positive experience, I will undeniably be working with her again in the future and will absolutely be recommending her to friends and family!"

Jaime Schneider - Red Bank, NJ

"My husband purchased Gina's services as a surprise gift for Christmas. I was nervous since I had never used a Personal Shopping Service before, but Gina made me feel comfortable from the moment we started working together. She was so patient with me through the entire process from the initial closet assessment through our wardrobe update at the mall. I left the mall loving all the clothes, bags and shoes I got. I couldn't wait to get home to try everything on to show my husband and daughter. I would recommend Gina for anyone looking for a shopping service."

Emma Smith - Lancaster, PA

"I was referred to Gina from someone who knew I needed help finding specific items, but I did not have time to look for everything myself. From the moment I met Gina she was so nice to work with and made everything so easy and fun. She is very attentive and will go above and beyond to make sure you get what you need. If it is available ... she will find it. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting her services."

Weina Zhang - Newark, DE

"I found Gina on LinkedIn search for a personal stylist/shopper. I was looking for some fresh insight into my wardrobe, especially in light of the publication of my book and a series of keynote addresses and consulting/training projects. Beginning with an overview of my closet and her gaining an understanding of my personality, we then moved on to a day of shopping! In just a couple of hours Gina helped me find multiple items to enhance my closet and my style, and we had a lot of fun in the process. If you need a fresh look, she is definitely your go-to gal!"

Michael Sherlock - Philadelphia, PA

"My experiences with Gina are always phenomenal. Her tactfulness and attention to detail, as well as her extensive knowledge and direct connections in the fashion arena is what impressed me the most. She was always on time and was always able to locate whatever I needed, and more. I am always thrilled with the services from Gina. She does prompt follow-ups to my inquiries and timely scheduling for a closet assessment, shopping spree, and fitting. Gina is always excellent! She understood my style and helped me to enhance it with just a few additions to my wardrobe. She is a terrific shopper! I don't know how she found those pieces as I would have left the store in ten minutes. I am so pleased with the looks that she creates. Just today, I received three compliments at work! She is the best!!!"

Alicia Singleton - Coatesville, PA

"Gina has helped me on a few occasions with some special events. She completed my outfits from head to toe. She knew my style. She is efficient  and listens to what your needs are. I will always suggest her to family members and friends. She is the best!"

Adele Piccone - Wayne, PA

"Spent the afternoon with Gina on my birthday in May! We had a great time as she shopped and picked out all my favorite colors and styles while I sat back and tried everything on. I felt like Pretty Woman! What a fun day, would highly recommend Gina to help you update your wardrobe for the fall and winter! Would love to do it again soon! Thanks again Gina!"

Robin Schmidt - Gilbertsville, PA

"Gina is magical! From just a few conversations we had regarding my current favorite stores and styles, she was able to get me in and out of two department store dressing rooms with a gorgeous spring and summer wardrobe in two hours. My confidence is sky-high right now because I look and feel so good and pulled together. I can't wait to meet with Gina in time for fall!"

Kristin Norton - Newtown Square, PA

"Gina is a true fashionista who is organized, personable and down to earth. She makes shopping incredibly easy. I've always loved clothes but hated shopping because I just don't have patience to sort through racks of clothes and don't have much of a personal vision when it comes to fashion (I've been wearing scrubs most of the time for the past 10 years). Gina knows her fashion, and through her countless contacts at all of the major department stores, made shopping with her the most fun and easy experience I have ever had in my life. She gets you all the best deals and can help you to create your own sense of fashion.

She can come to your home and help you get rid of clothes you don't wear or that don't work for you anymore. Shopping with her is a breeze - all you do is walk in, go straight to the fitting room, and try on the clothes she has already selected for you at the best prices. She can work within any budget and will never go over. She is fun and accommodating, and is not judgmental at all. She finds you the best deals through her various sources. At the end of my experience with her I found myself wondering why or how I ever shopped without her in the past!! I am moving across country in a few months and need to figure out how I can keep working with her because she's that good ... and all at an incredibly affordable price!

Lloydine Jacobs - King of Prussia, PA

"Gina is very resourceful and aims to please! She takes her job seriously and NEVER disappoints. She has always kept me updated on current promotions to see if I need anything. She is a pleasure to work with."

Debbie Appel - Newtown, PA

"Gina's talents as a personal shopper have been such a blessing to this incredibly busy working woman. I can always rely on her to have arms full of fabulous clothing, ready and waiting in the dressing room for me. She has an eye to spot that special occasion item you need in just the right size and style, or the ability to put a working wardrobe together quickly saving hours of precious time. I recommend her for all occasions. She will listen to your requests and deliver every time!!!"

Jodi Anderson - Harrisburg, PA

"I have never used a "personal shopper" before in my life, but I had several events looming this spring, nothing I thought was suitable or fit me properly in my own closet, and most importantly, little time to spend going from store to store looking for the "right" thing, either. So, I called Gina, gave her my story and told her what  I thought I needed. We made a plan to meet. In addition to the clothes I wanted to buy for these specific events, I also really needed a few basic things - like a pair of black pants that I could wear with a suit jacket that would not be too "skinny" tight, and would not be too loose and baggy, and not "bell bottom" or whatever, and also FIT me, and that I could wear more casually if I wanted. This may seem like an easy thing for most women to find, but I had actually given up on finding this kind of pant for myself - mission impossible. I told Gina this ahead of time, and I was sure she thought I was a crazy person.

Gina and I had planned for about two hours of time together, as I had a doctor appointment after my time with her. She had picked some items prior to my arrival and had them ready in the dressing room, and we began with me trying these on and deciding what I liked or did not like. Then, like the "wind" - she was off! She ran who knows where - and returned with other styles, other sizes, other colors, a bottle of water, and we zoomed through in two hours what seemed like 30 minutes. In and out she would go while I kept at it, trying things on, etc - and each time I would get discouraged about the black pants, she would come back with 5 more styles and fits. I ended up with several various outfits, not only for the events I was attending, but these were clothes that I could wear to many other functions! Versatile clothes that were going to work with my life, not just to go to one or two events. Gina did not just help me find something to wear to these parties, she helped me find clothes to wear. And, miracles of miracles, after trying on at least 30 pair of black pants - even she had to agree I had issues - I found the perfect pair of black pants! These came in two other colors, which I also bought. Also, she kept to our time schedule, which is an important factor for me. 

These were not expensive,  couture type  clothes that she helped me find - I do not buy that kind of clothing. This was right priced clothing, in my opinion, that fit me and my lifestyle, and I was very happy to pay for her time and expertise. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone who finds shopping difficult and not a pleasure most of the time. We had fun, too! In addition, she was able to have the store adjust my credit card when she realized there was a sale that I had not been credited for that week. She has both fashion and business sense."

Barbara Sylk - Merion Station, PA

"I can't say enough about shopping with a personal shopper, and shopping with Gina was a pure delight. From our first phone conversation to the final sale everything was smooth, efficient and pleasant. I needed a nice dress for an occasion where my husband would be in a tuxedo, however, I didn't want a floor length gown. I shared all my wants and needs with Gina and when I got to the dressing room everything was ready to go. Gina helped me decide what looked good and what didn't from style to size. She was quick to offer a different style or a different size dress always with eagerness and a smile. She took pictures so I could share with my husband and we had FUN! Be good to yourself and shop with Gina. She makes a world of difference!"

Loretta Knepp - New Hope, PA

"I am very pleased with my personal shopper Gina Kantor. Often when shopping you feel rushed by an employee just so they can get their quick commission, but not with her. She will spend as much time with you as needed for you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Gina will always follow up and make sure that everything is great with your purchase. She's very professional, loves what she does, and it shows in her work."

Tetyana Peltz - Sellersville, PA

"Gina has been a joy to work with over the past few years. She always seems to find designer clothes or shoes that are sold out or in limited quantity. She is always on point with any upcoming sales or styles. You can tell she is very passionate and really cares for her clients. She is the best!"

Julia Kim - New York, NY

"Gina is the best at keeping you stylish and in your budget. She figured out what I liked and what complimented my curves the first time we met. She contacted me every time there was a new style or sale. Gina is consistent and she loves what she does. She is truly the best!"

Bashera Grove - Coatesville, PA

"I am not a huge shopper, but I do love to look good because then I feel good. Gina is a trusted confidant when it comes to helping me shop. She is quick to assess what you need, what looks good on you and then is determined to find it for you. She is open to multiple styles and is determined to understand your style. She is awesome at helping you figure out your style too. She is on-trend, which is a priority for me since I work with many young and fashionable people. So, Gina is great at helping me find the balance that I am comfortable with. I love shopping with Gina!"

Ann D'Emilio - Berwyn, PA

"I remember like it was yesterday. I previously shopped at Lord & Taylor before, but this particular shopping experience I will never forget. I was in desperate need of new work clothes that would give me confidence and add to my recent weight loss figure as well as wanting to stay within a certain budget. That is when Gina came along. She served me with kindness and grace and she did not stop until we found something that was just right. I have supported her craft and valued her ever since. I urge you to do the same."

Lauren Scott - King of Prussia, PA

"Whenever I see Gina, fashion and style always comes to mind. Not only is she very talented at what she does, she's very accommodating of your needs as well. It takes a unique skill set to be able to say, 'this is what I recommend for you - this is what would look good on you'. What I love the most about Gina's fashion style is that she's always up to date so she knows exactly what's the latest and what's not. I've been using Gina as my personal shopper for special occasions and to add staple items to my wardrobe and she never disappoints. I've gotten so many more compliments every time I wear something she has picked out for me. Not only that, since she's worked in retail for so long, she knows exactly where to go to help you find what you're looking for. She knows when the discounts/sales are, especially if you're on a budget like me. I definitely recommend coming to Gina for questions regarding anything related to fashion. Trust me, she's the best one out there and you get your money's worth."

Charmaye Griarte - Kennett Square, PA

"I don't have the best sense of what looks good on me and what doesn't. I felt like my body type was weird and it was hard for me to find something I felt like a million bucks in. Finally, I decided to look into getting a personal shopper. Shopping is typically exhausting for me, but with Gina's help, it was a breeze. All I had to do was try things on. I told her I needed some professional attire for student teaching and then some clothes to go out in. She went out on the floor and picked out a variety of clothing for me to try on. If I liked something, but it didn't fit me, she was quick to run off and find me another size. It was great because if I didn't feel comfortable in something, she didn't pressure me to buy it. She was extremely friendly and helpful to me. I definitely recommend Gina to be your personal shopper! You'll be so thankful and you'll walk out of the store with outfits that make you feel like a MILLION BUCKS!"

Demi Bradley - Doylestown, PA

"It's shopping with your best friend who knows what you like, what your shopping for and has it all ready when you hit the store. It takes the stress away from selecting and going through endless racks. Gina is able to narrow things down to what looks great and what you like ... So much more fun! Having Gina preselect is so time efficient as well. Everyone is busy and to have your items ready to try on when you get to a store is the best ever!"

Barbara Santucci - Yardley, PA